Tips For an Easy Moving Day

Tips for an easy moving day

Your family has finally settled on a home, and now you are ready to make the next big leap in your life. Moving is a time of great excitement but can also be filled with stress and high anxiety. You don’t want to leave anything behind, and you don’t want to be caught up in limbo as you transition from your old home to your new one.

Here are three tips for an easy moving day – so things can go as smoothly as possible and you can start adjusting to your new digs sooner.

1. Pack With Purpose

When you finally prepare to make a move, it can seem like you are standing at the foot of a gigantic mountain. It’s easy to see why so many feel overwhelmed when there is so much to organize, tear down, put away, and pack.

The best way to eliminate unwanted stress and anxiety is by taking on a methodical approach to your packing. Separate the big task at hand into smaller, more manageable tasks. Break it down room by room or start boxing away decorations before moving onto clothing and furniture. Just like with climbing a mountain, there are many different paths you can take. As long as you plan your approach, you’ll reach the summit in no time.

2. Know When to Hire Help

As you set about the task to get your furniture packed up, you’ll quickly realize that even with the proper moving equipment, this is a job that cannot be done alone. You’ll need an extra pair of hands, or more, as you figure out how you ever got that L-shaped couch into your living room in the first place.

For many, moving day itself can be one of the biggest hurdles to face, and if you’re balancing being a parent along with a moving an entire house worth of stuff, then it might be time to call in the cavalry. Hiring movers is the most practical solution if you are already juggling enough responsibility as it is. For a set price, you essentially cut the work you have to do in half, giving you more time to focus on preparing your family for the move itself.

Moving day with a dog

3. Keep Pets Out of the Equation

If you think that the moving process is stressing you out, think of what it must be like for your pet.

Both cats and dogs are territorially-conscious creatures. When something changes in their environment, they are instantly aware and sometimes become unsettled. Now, imagine what it must be like to see your territory essentially uprooted, with all your favorite napping spots occupied by towering brown boxes. Moving can be extremely stressful for your pets, which is why you should consider hiring a pet sitter to watch them during moving day.

These are just a few useful tips to help you manage your move if you have pets. Just remember that planning is an essential part to making your transition into a new home. Prepare for the unexpected and always keep essential items such as water, food, medicine, and some extra clothes on you while you embark to your new home. Reduce your and your pet’s anxiety by hiring a sitter, and don’t be afraid to hire professionals to give you a lift when you have your hands full. If you manage to do all of these things, your moving day will be a breeze.


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