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How Smart Home Automation Can Save You Time and Money

Wondering how smart home automation can save you not only time, but also money?

You could save 10-30% on your monthly electric bill by using a connected smart home automation products.  Smart homes can feature include HVAC automation, security automation, plus automation around curtains/blinds and lighting. Smart grid technology uses a wireless thermostat.

These gadgets are connected to the home network with thermostats and smart meters. By tapping into with the , smart meters can act on real-time pricing to change home energy usage patterns, like adjusting the during times of high prices. Examples of smart home gadgets are Google Nest Thermostats; Smoke + CO Monitoring, Samsung SmartThings and Apple Homekit.

Smart homes use wi-fi or blue-tooth to control, optimize and automate temperature and lighting.  Smart home technology also incorporates security and entertainment but with cyber crimes on the increase, it may not be worth the investment to incorporate your home security quite yet.

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