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Seattle Housing Prices: How Much Does it Cost to Buy Here?

seattle housing prices


For anyone wanting to move to Seattle, the question no doubt begs: what are Seattle housing prices like? How much do things cost, and how much can I afford? 

Here’s a run-down of the most important stats to know.

Seattle Housing Prices Stats

The Seattle housing market is expected to grow another 5.4% in 2018. Ahead, check out how much it costs to buy a home in the 3rd hottest real estate market of 2018 according to Zillow’s latest housing report.

  • Household income (median): $78,612
  • Home value (median): $463,800
  • Rent (median): $2,243
  • Real estate market growth forecast: 5.4%

A bona fide tech hub like Seattle is bound to be popular, which the median home value and rents show. With a projected growth of 5.4%, this is one of the top three most popular housing markets in the country right now.

UPDATED Info for 2021 can be found right here. 


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