New Home Buyer Guide

Getting a Home Inspection? What to Expect

home inspection - what to expect

Buying a house?  Then you’ll want to get a home inspection. Here’s what to expect.

I recommend making your offer subject to a satisfactory home inspection. These are some of the questions the home inspector should answer for you.

Home Inspection Basics

  • Is the home structurally safe? Is it soundly built?
  • What condition is the home’s exterior in? Look for peeling paint, rotten siding, cracks in the foundation.
  • Are the gutters and downspouts working as intended to control water? Is there a French drain around the house? Where is it?
  • What condition is the roof in? How old is it? How many layers of roofing have been put on? Ask about leaks and cracks.
  • Are the windows and doors in good working order? Are they double pane windows? Do the doors close smoothly and securely?
  • Is the ventilation and insulation adequate? What R-value insulation was used?

Home Systems

  • Are the heating and AC systems working properly? When was the last time the heating ducts were professionally cleaned? Or serviced?
  • Are the plumbing fixtures working properly? Is there enough pressure?
  • Where is the main water shut-off valve? Is it in a quickly accessible place?
  • Does the electrical panel contain proper labeling?
  • Are smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed and working properly? When was the last time batteries were changed?
  • Does the home have a security system? Or an automatic temperature system like a Nest? Any other smart home amenities?

home inspection

Common Issues:

  • Is there any evidence of water leaks in the basement or crawlspace? Look for streaks of moisture on the concrete, beams, and framing (if you’re surveying an unfinished basement or attic).
  • Is there evidence of pests (ants, termites, or rodents)?
  • Is there mold, radon, or asbestos present?

Once the home inspection is completed, the inspector usually emails you a report with photos. This document can then be used to negotiate any deficient items with the sellers.

If you live in the Seattle area and need home inspector referrals, just ask. I know several good ones! Give me a call today.