Choosing a real estate agent

Choosing a real estate agent that is right for you is important when buying or selling a home. Whether buying your first home or selling your 10th home, trust and communication are crucial when choosing which agent should represent you. The transaction should be transparent and your agent should provide a clear process for buying or selling your home.

Before you begin, sit down with your real estate agent to determine if their style of communication is similar to yours. Do they communicate in the same manner? If you don’t often check your email, and they don’t text, it won’t be a good fit. Your real estate agent should explain the process so you are comfortable and understand the steps. Ask questions if you don’t understand.

Choose a real estate agent that is an expert in the area you are looking to buy or sell. Here are some questions to ask:

When choosing a real estate agent you should feel comfortable that they will communicate with you in the manner which you are accustomed. Because you ultimately want to feel that they will be looking after your best interests, provide great value and are an expert in your area. Their experience (or lack of) will help you determine if they are the right real estate agent to help your purchase or sale go smoothly.

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