Home buying mistakes to avoid

What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know

what first time home buyers need to know


I work with a lot of first time home buyers here in Seattle. So much so, that I put together a comprehensive checklist around the steps of buying a house. But what should you look out for as soon as you move in? I came across this great article at HouseLogic that really spelled out what first time home buyers need to know, and thought I’d share it. Read more

Smart Advice for Real Estate Investors

advice for real estate investors in seattle
If you’re in the market to invest into a property, you want to load up on smart advice for real estate investors.
From the fictional Lex Luthor to the very real Donald Bren, real estate has often been considered a ripe investment opportunity for successful entrepreneurs. But what differentiates a smart real estate investment from one that’s going to turn into a disaster? What tells the best real estate moguls when to buy and when to sell?

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mortgage forbearance explained

How To Buy Multifamily Properties

how to buy multifamily properties


Are you interested in real estate investing? Wondering how to buy multifamily properties? Here’s what you need to consider. Read more