Moving to Seattle

When moving to Seattle, you need a leg up on all the great places to live in the area. Relocating is never easy but with a little help, a smooth transition is possible!

You will want to consider drive time to work, as well as proximity to services like hospitals, grocery stores and recreation. Whatever is important to you will be noted during our initial consultation, when we’ll discuss the process and logistics. 

Here are 10 helpful tips to make your move to the Seattle area as easy as possible:

  • Select the Right Real Estate Agent

    Working with a good agent is one of the most important aspects of a successful home purchase. Key qualities to look for: experience with relocating clients, strong local market knowledge and solid communication skills. If your agent has earned the ABR ® designation, you’ll know they also have special training in representing buyers.

  • Get Pre-Approved (Not just pre-qualified) for your mortgage

    Pre-approval means your application has already been processed and final approval is only contingent upon an appraisal and other issues. Mortgage pre-approval puts you in a more favorable negotiating position with sellers and allows you to make faster decisions.

  • Separate Your Needs From Your Wants

    The difference seems subtle, but this makes it easier to quickly narrow your options and find the best home for your needs.

  • Keep Copious Notes

    You’ll probably see many homes in a short period of time, so it’s important to consider a home’s resale value. Detailed notes, photos and listing sheets can help you recall each property after a busy “home shopping” trip.

  • Think About Selling While Buying

    Transferees often face future relocations, so it’s important to consider a home’s resale value. If your agent is pointing out a home’s flaws, they’re probably looking out for your future best interest.

  • Learn the Market

    Buyers can gather an amazing amount of information online about the markets they’re considering for their new home (although an experienced agent will always have a stronger pulse on the local marketing prices than any website). Do your homework and rely on your agent to add key perspectives.

  • Be Prepared to Make Fast Decisions

    Many markets now favor sellers or simply lack adequate home inventories, causing buyers to quickly regret momentary hesitation on a desirable home. Consider making an offer right away, even if you plan to view additional properties.

  • Before Placing an Offer, Request a Quick CMA

    Agents can produce a comparable market analysis (CMA) on any home in a matter of minutes. This is where an agent with local market expertise can be a real plus. Request your Free CMA from Cathy today.

  • Be Prepared for Emotional Ups and Downs

    Negotiating an offer can be a draining experience. Try to remain calm and maintain perspective as offers and counter-offers are exchanged.

  • Learn from Home Inspectors

    The level of detail in home inspection has improved dramatically. If at all possible, attend the inspection in person. You’ll also gain many valuable tips about maintaining your home in the written report. As far as negotiating on repair items, remember that in strong markets, sellers will be unwilling to make any concessions based on the inspector’s report.

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